Friday, July 19, 2013

Now what?

I feel like we have done so many big things, that anything else I blog about is going to be a little on the dry side :)

We arrived home safely.
Here are a few highlights....

After we checked out of our hotel F had a few last minute things to finish up before the graduation, so O had time to participate in her favorite past time...playing in dirt.

The happy graduates.  A few of them at least.

We made it!

Time to climb in the van and start the 12 hour drive home.
12 hours exactly to drive here from our house to the hotel.

It was one a hot day, of course.  We knew our van's air conditioning was bad, and a few weeks ago  we decided to go pick up some freon to make the drive back more comfortable.  Well, it turns out the freon was not the problem.  We drove home with no AC.  We slurped slushies to keep cool, but it was really hot.  Words cannot express this enough.  Oh, and if you happen to live near me, your welcome because I apparently brought the heat wave back with me because now this town has heat advisories and record breaking temps.

The van didn't like the heat either.  While driving through mountains at the hottest time of the day, the van overheated.  We ended up stopping to drive through a car wash to help cool it down.  Crisis averted.  On the road again...

We saw pretty scenery.

Mountains in the distance.  

It finally cooled off.  Thank goodness.

We were 1 1/2 hours from home when we noticed something odd happening.  F hopped out at a red light, and oh well looky there...we had a flat tire.  We pulled over and groaned.  What were we going to do?  We had to take stuff out the back of the very crammed van to get to the tire changing tools.  Ugh.  We piled it up in the parking lot, and I stood around and waited while F changed the tire, at 1 in the morning.  Now we not only had to put all the stuff back in the van but we also had to figure out how to fit the tire in there too.  

The last hour and a half of the drive actually took two hours because we had to drive slow with the donut tire.  We strolled dragged ourselves into the house at 3:15 in the morning.  14 1/2 hours after we started the drive.  21 hours of being awake.  

What a day!  

Now that we are mostly back to regular life it's back to regular things.
::We have to find a rental until we can find the house we want to live in.
::We have to move.
::Painting, Decorating, and Rearranging Oh My! :)
::Family Get-togethers
::Regular old summer things

I am happy to be back in town and back to 'normal.'

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