Monday, July 8, 2013

The Holiday

Our 4th of July day turned into something more like a week.  We had zero plans for the holiday except maybe catching the firework show on the base.  Then suddenly we had very big plans.  With 12 hours advance warning I was told we would be driving to Delaware to meet up with some old friends.  Exciting?  Yes.  Panic mode?  Yep.
We hit the road only slightly behind schedule.  After O asked approximately 7,000 times, 'are we there yet?' We finally said 'We're here!'  
As you can see O amused herself on the ride.

On the 4th, there was a parade.  This jeep was pretty amusing
to me, because the owner covered it in tiny American flags.  
That will be fun to take off.

Our friends live super close to the beach, so
we went to the beach, on the 4th.  That was crazy.

After the parade and beach we got cleaned up and 
went to Maryland for a fair and to see fireworks.
The fair had a ferris wheel (amoung many other rides)
and O loves rides, so we thought, 'hey she'll love this.'

This is her begging us not to go on the ride.

This is her clinging to daddy as she bravely climbs on.
The ferris wheel went around 3 times before the operators
stopped it.  She cried the whole time.  

 She was consoled with blue food coloring and
sugar.  All better.

The next day we went to another beach.
This one was on the bay side, so the waves
didn't knock over the little ones.

Then it was time for pictures, and time to say goodbye.
These two (and the children who carry them everywhere) 
had a ball together.
We actually got photos of the people too, but I don't
want to plaster them all over my blog without permission.

After a yummy breakfast, we said goodbye, and O
ran to the bedroom and locked the door.  She didn't
want to leave her new friends.  She did open the door
when I asked her, and she had big tears because
she would miss her new friends so much.

We went over this bridge on the way home.

I am not sure if you can see but there really isn't much along
the edge/railing.  Oh and it was a very long bridge.
O said it made her stomach sick, and I would have to agree.

Then we saw lots of traffic.  And waited in lots of traffic.

Lunch break in DC.

Quick trip to the Smithsonian Art Museum.  When I say 
quick, I mean we had about an hour to run through the museum.
I am pretty sure my husband could spend a week there.

Then back in the van to drive the rest of the way home.

O was exhausted and had no problem going to sleep.

Our adventure should be done at this point but it's not.
After church, we drove some more.  We went to
REI, Whole Foods, and Silver Diner one more time.
The husband is sad we are leaving soon, so he wants
to do as much as possible.

F and O had a staring contest while they waited on their food.

Finally, O decided she wanted to take a nap
under a tree after lunch.

What a big, big week.  What did you do this weekend?

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