Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Trying to find the norm

I have a hunch this is going to get very boring to read, even to our family.  Our first full day was intentionally boring.  We got up, and had our typical breakfast, and did school.  O seemed to enjoy the reading lesson again today.  We also made some pretty cool building/pictures/designs with the Cuisenaire rods.  I have a stock pile of printed activities that I cut/covered in contact paper.  We went through several of those today.
We went to the park where O (for the first time) pumped her legs on the swing.  That was pretty exciting. She also tried dribbling a basket ball and "throwing it at the net."
We also exercised together today.  It lasted a whole 15 minutes, but hey I am building up to bigger things :-)  We ran at O's pace for several minutes and then I did lunges, push ups, leg lifts, etc. while O played at the park.  Then we chased each other, danced around and I carried her home.  Not exactly P90X, but it worked for today.
I am also pretty excited that tonight I got to listen to a webinar about "Getting kids to listen without reminding or yelling."  It is done by Amy-McCready who does positive parenting solutions.  She had some similar points to Gary Chapman's in "5 Love Languages for Kids," as well as many things I already learned in college.  I know that some times these methods do not work, but I would say that 99% of the time these methods work.  It was nice to hear the review of great principles that help parents better train their children.  I was listening to like-minded women :-)

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