Sunday, May 6, 2012

Crafty Gals

We have about a million art supplies.  We do some type of artwork at least every other day (aside from the usual coloring).  I have always tried to let O explore the medium on her own, and not show her the 'right' way to paint or what have you.  If she asks or shows interest I will show her with hand-over-hand technique how to do something. 
Generally speaking I also do not just hand her coloring books to color in.  Yes we have them.  No we rarely use them.  O prefers to make her own pictures, and I rather enjoy her creative description (which I am usually trying to frantically write down as she tells me).  I don't feel like a coloring book teaches much other than how to fill in lines.  
Anyway, here are a few photos of O painting with glitter glue pens and puffy fabric paint.  (Yes, I know fabric paint goes on fabric, but the texture is so fun when it dries we totally use it on good old paper).

I tried to get a better angle so you can see the mountain O was creating with the paint.  Seriously, she emptied out two containers of paint and a whole lot from the rest of the colors on this mountain.  She totally had an idea in her head for what she wanted the picture to look like.  She was making mountains, rivers, and islands.  I am so glad I don't interrupt her and tell her not to 'waste' the material.  She worked on this painting for an hour straight, and then came back to finish some details.  

Now,  onto my mini project for the evening.  Since I am staying at my parents my mom asked if I could whip her up a new towel with a crochet top to attach to her fridge handle for drying hands. 
I cut one of her towels she had on hand in two.
Next I got my chocolate brown yarn out, and whip stitched the part I cut to help keep it from fraying and to give me something to work with as base row for crocheting.....
 And voila....the finished project....which you can't really see because I use brown yarn and put it on a black fridge.....sometimes my air head comes out.

And finally I also whipped up a cute little hat.  A friend of mine designed the hat and asked me to do a test run on the pattern.  I made the hat for a 6-18 month boy, but my 4 year old girl is wearing it.  That's not to say the pattern is off or my crocheting is off.  It's just my kiddo has a small head and well that hat was squeezed on their pretty tight.  

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