Friday, May 25, 2012

In The Making

Step 1:  Find Cute Pattern

Step 2:  Measure and Cut

Step 3:  This material is begging for some bling...

Step 4:  Evaluate the size, determine it will not be big enough for your stuff

Step 5:  Add a bottom with some cushion

Step 6:  Make that LOTS of cushion

Step 7:  Assemble the outside and the middle with all that extra padding...very very slowly so you don't break the needle on your sewing machine.
Step 8:  Add a lining made of ripstop

Step 9:  Realize the price of foam at JoAnns, and say, "I don't think so."
Improvise with $1.50 pool noodle.  Cut the pieces in half, and cover in material.

Step 10:  Forget to take a picture, but line the inside of the bag with large velcro pieces to accommodate the above foam cushions.  

Step 11:  Apply the other half of the velcro to foam pieces, and insert in bag to protect camera, kindle, and laptop.

Step 12:  Forget to take photos again of all the little bags inside the purse to separate toys from wallets, and pens from snacks.
Step 13:  Photograph at least part of the finished product.
It is my All-in-One bag to hold my many electronics, with separators for all the other stuff this mama feels the need to carry around.  Hmm...maybe I should call it my Mary Poppins bag?

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