Monday, May 14, 2012

Family Photo

Did you ever have one of those day when nothing goes right?  I have had my share lately.  This Mother's Day we were able to visit with some family we very rarely get to see, and of course get photos.  Well by the time we got around to taking photos O wanted nothing to do with it.  Hence Photo #1.
 Take 2, Dad is not paying attention.
 Take 3 would have been decent except I handed my SLR camera to someone who only uses a point and click.  Then the person neglected to actually look at the photo and see that D and my dad are hardly visible..........

Don't even get me started with this one......
                   Or this.....

Oh well.......Although I can already here F now, "Did you check the settings"  "Why did you line them up like that"  At least our immediate family photos are good ;-)


  1. You're related to Mary?! I went to youth group with her in high school :)

  2. It's a small world....I am assuming you are referring to Mary Jo, in the green dress, and not either of my Aunt Mary's or the grand daughter Mary Ann? We know a lot of Marys.......


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