Friday, January 17, 2014

This Week (In Photos)

We played dress up a lot.

Which meant tea parties often.

We did school more in PJ's than in regular clothes.  Really now, it is so cold out, I am getting bigger by the second and fit into exactly 1 pair of jeans, so jammies it is!

The times we did venture out we didn't stray too far from home.  Hello Library.  And 2 1/12 hours later we finally left.

There were naps had by all (in a tent no less).

More school.  This time we are actually dressed, but not matching.  Polka dots with leopard print pants anyone?  

O got seriously frustrated with me this week, because I wanted her to work on her penmanship.  She could not fathom why I made her write the same numbers over and over and over.  She kept telling me she knows her numbers, therefore she doesn't need to write them.  Yes, little one there is a reason for the madness.  When your 2's look more like Z's and your 3's look like squiggles we need to practice form.  Yes it is boring.  Yes, you will have good handwriting if it kills us both!

O went crazy with the drawing/doodling/writing and took up the whole kitchen counter yesterday afternoon.  Before I knew it, I looked at the clock and it said 4:15.  Whoa!  Where did the afternoon go?!  I looked around the house, and there were my sewing projects I was working on, yarn on the sofa, material laid out all over our bed, dishes from lunch still in the sink, Legos all over the living room floor.  No dinner ideas.  Yikes.

So, I sent my hubs this message, and frantically tried cleaning up so there was at least a place to walk into when he got home.  

O couldn't believe it was dinner time either.  She was super engrossed in her stickers and asked why God made the fun days shorter than the boring days :)

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