Monday, January 20, 2014


For Christmas this year we bought exactly one gift.
Our little family got an iPad to share, and the hubs made an awesome little video to recap our crazy hectic full year.  
Since I love to be crafty, I thought I would make a cute little case for the iPad for when we tote it around in bags.  You know, just a little extra protection.  Sew Mama Sew had a cute tutorial, so I followed her directions.  Now, I knew we were putting a case on it (it's called the Survivor or something like that.  Super bulky, super protective, should hold up to a 5 year old) so I added an inch to all of her dimensions.  I also used felt rather than her suggested flannel for the inside to be super soft.

I made it.  I loved it.
I went to put the iPad in it.
It doesn't fit.
It is probably 1/2 inch too small to fit the bulky case.

So, if anyone has an iPad Air and wants a cute little case just let me know, cause this one is just chilling on a shelf in my house with no use.  I am certain it will fit without a bulky case on the the iPad.


  1. oh no! it is so cute, too! Will you attempt another?

    1. I haven't decided yet. I want to, but we shall see :)


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