Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Snowed In

It's been a while....again.
Since the last time I posted the hubs came home and said, 'Surprise!  I have the next two weeks off work.  I had vacation days I didn't know about, and if I don't use them I lose them.  I will be home through the new year.'  Whoa.  Ok then.

I am not going to lie, at first I thought this is going to be a very long two weeks.  I love my husband, but when he is home O thinks it is time to run around the house like a wild hyena and jump on daddy every.single. minute.  Her volume level also doubles when he is around.  This mama likes quiet and calm.  It was not going to be a great combination.  

Surprisingly, we adapted fairly quickly (this mama set some strict guidelines).  We survived, and rather enjoyed the extra time with F.  

Then he went back to work last Thursday, and we had school.  Longest Day Ever.  It took us 6 hours to get through what should have been an hour of work.  O just wanted to take her time, and had a serious case of ADHD.  Highly distractible.  Ugh, by the time we get back into our routine baby will be here and it will be all messed up again.  Boo!

Then the Snowmagdon happened.  
And guess who had more days off work?
Yep.  4 day weekend after going back to work 2 days.

Well, amidst the power outage and the freezing temperatures we did a little school. 

I made a 'button' on O's hand that said 'at' and she went around and put her hand behind a list of consonants and read the words.  She loved that I wrote on her hand.  Markers on our skin is usually pretty frowned upon, so this was a big deal.  She asked if I would draw a ballerina on the other hand.   

Honestly, I am pretty surprised at how well this activity worked.  She would say the letter sound on the wall, then the name of the letter, then pushed the button on her hand, and then said the word.  I thought she was doing it backwards, because if she was going to say the letter name, I thought it should be first, but she had no problems reading the word so I let her be. 

After asking 8,000 times if she could go play in the snow, or go help daddy shovel, I scooped up a dishpan of snow and brought it in for her to play in.  It seemed to work.  She used the dropper and colored water on the snow for a solid 45 minutes.  She made a cave with two entrances, and all kinds of things.  

  I love days like this, where she is focused and gets her school work done and everything just seems to go smoothly.  However, I am starting to appreciate the harder days as well.  Those are usually days where we are learning heart lessons and not so much textbook lessons.

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