Monday, January 13, 2014


I would say the nesting bug has hit in our household.  It all started at my 32 week check up.  The midwife was chatting with me, and asked if we had anything ready for baby.  
My response, 'Uhh no, and truth be told it just dawned on me that I am 32 weeks, and baby will be here soon.  I should get on that.'
So, my New Years Resolution was to plan it (not panic) and make a list of things I wanted done before baby arrives.
Jan 1-Feb 16 is 47 days, so factoring in that we really have no idea when baby will arrive, and not wanting to stress myself out I stopped my list at 32.
One project a day until I get it all done.

So far, as I write this I am 13 days into the new year, and 13 projects down.  Now that's not to say that I have done 1 a day.  It's more like accomplish several in one day and then take a break.

O being the ever helpful one, decided she would help mama out by doing her dishes.  She left more of a mess than we had to begin with, but I appreciate the thought and how hard she was trying :)

The type of projects on my list ranged in how time consuming they were.  Some are simple like reorganize the spice cabinet.  That I can do in 5-10 minutes.  Some took an entire weekend (or an entire snowstorm).  Like my project to clean out the school closet and sort/organize the baby toys.  For some reason, I chose to do these two big projects simultaneously.  My poor family, climbed over, walked around, and pretty much avoided the kitchen/dining/living areas of the house for 3 straight days.  After a day and a half of take out, the kitchen was finally in working order again, and I could resume cooking.

Look at that closet :)  Every subject has a tote, and everything fits in the tote.  I will have worksheets printed before baby arrives (ok, realistically I should go buy a 1st grade workbook, and leave it at that but we will see what actually happens).  O will have x amount of worksheets to do each day, and then she will need to pull out a tote with a red label (math), blue label (language), and an orange label (Science/Geography/Extras).  I color coded each subject too, how OCD clever am I?

While the hubs was home he rocked out my honey-do list and put up all those photos in our living room.  Much nicer to walk into, instead of seeing stark walls.  Yes, we know there is a blank spot.  We have a plan for it, I just haven't got around to finishing it.
Oh, and all those frames....they are hung up with Command strips.  Perfect for us renters who don't want to fill in 100 nail holes.  Seriously, those things are worth the price.  

Did you set New Year Goals? Are you sticking to them?


  1. Looking good! I am always so impressed with your organizing. I love to organize and am very good at it. I'm not very good at Staying organized.

    New Years Goals: Record the books I've read on goodreads (so far so good).
    start exercising (haven't started yet, but I've got all year!) :)

    1. Thanks Rachel! I have thought about adding my books I've read to goodreads just so I have reference of what/when I read something. I feel like I always say, "I was just reading...." and it was actually like a year ago that I read it :) I'll have to add your idea to my never ending to do list, hehe


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