Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Return

It's been awhile.
I was wanting to do a blog themed month (30 days of ____) and it turns out I did a blog break instead.
30 days of break.
Although I haven't been writing about life, we have been super busy and productive.
This has been a month of making and a month of change.
I can hardly believe that we have been home for 4 months.  The same amount of time we were in Virginia.  Whoa life seems to be zipping by us.

Here is a recap of the month.

Little O is not so little anymore....We moved her up to the twin size bed we were holding in the guest room/office/catch all room.  She loves it.  I let her choose the bedding, and she chose a super soft blanket rather than a quilt or comforter.  The first week we had the bed she just wiggled on the blue blanket and squealed 'it's so soft!'  I like it because now our extra room is just and office/catch all.

We did very little for Halloween.  It rained.  We went to a church event and she did a little trick or treating there.  

Art and Creating were the words of the month.  O was dabbling in drawing, painting, charcoal (pictured above), clay and her invention box daily this month.  

Ok, so do you remember when I wrote about a bad start to the morning, and I thought I saw a spider?  Well, it was because we had several run ins with large wolf spiders.  We have a field very close by, and I suspect that the reason for so many of them was because it was getting tilled up.  Whenever I would say that there was a 'large spider' people would sort of roll their eyes at me and think 'sure it was big'.  Well folks, I took a picture.  I woke up first (as usual) and went into the kitchen to start making breakfast and such, and there he was.  Ugh.  I think this spider was the one that broke the camel's back per se.  I had been holding out saying I didn't want to spray outside or inside because of O and chemicals like that bother me.  Well, the spiders freak me out more, so we sprayed and haven't seen anymore (thank goodness!)

More artwork by O.  This is a picture of Mango.

 Here are a few little snowmen I crocheted for a shop I sell at.  This project was difficult for me, mostly because I don't keep stuff like this around my house, so I don't think to make things like this.  I prefer practicality.

I started stocking up on little boy clothes.  My goodness!  It's been fun, and yet challenging.  I am not a fan of onesies with sayings on them like 'Keep Calm and Carry Me'  or 'Mom's cute, and Dad's lucky'.  I have been rather picky (even more so than with O--is that even possible?  I thought the second one you were supposed to not be so crazy?)

Here is my little shop, all decked out for the holidays.  Cup cozies, snowflakes, and fingerless gloves oh my!  

One of the many brightly colored outfits worn by a lively 5 year old.

There are no words for this ensemble.  We stayed in that day.

Mid-November we got to go on a trip with F.  He was there on business and we had 3 days of field trips.  In the above photo we had our first experience with Cinnabon.  Yummy!

We checked out the state museum.  I had no idea they had such a large section on Civil War history.  I thought I was through with that when we left Virginia--apparently not.  I did some speed walking through there, and moved along as fast as possible.  

One evening O and I went to Chic-fil-a for dinner, and it happened to be family night.  They had a Thanksgiving craft and a lady making fancy balloons.  I didn't know this happened?  It was odd, and yet kept us entertained for almost two hours.

The following evening we went to dinner with all of F's co-workers.  We arrived at the restaurant at 6:30 (red flag number 1).  There were almost 50 of us there (red flag number 2).  Dinner did not reach us until after 7:15 (O's bedtime is at 7 normally warning warning danger approaching!).  We had a very hungry, very impatient, very grumpy little girl who was less than pleasant to be around.  At one point she asked me if she could sleep on the booth and I said, 'yes please'.  She fell asleep at the restaurant and had to be carried out.  This event was proof positive to F and I that if someone is cute enough they can act like a total brat and people will still oohh and ahhh at you.

After some rest, the following day was spent at the Art museum.  It had a great area for children.  O loved it.

After the museum, O and I checked out a local knitting shop.  I drooled over the yarn, and then looked at the prices.  Um, no thanks super soft Merino wool made in Maine.  I am sure you would be lovely as a scarf, but this girl can not pay $40 for half a scarf.  Yikes.

So, I came home and whipped up some basket instead.  The above ones are for O's room.

Then, I made some more :)  These are going in the shop.

Next week, I shall be back.  Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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