Thursday, August 23, 2012

You Know You're An Army Wife When.....

*Your husband shows YOU how to fold clothes

*Your husband knows how to make a bed the 'correct' way better than you do

*You have your phone fully charged, volume up, and with in arms reach every second of every day

*You think nothing of video chatting with your husband and having him turn the computer so you can see his roommate's computer, therefore seeing his wife or projects she is working on

*You stop asking what people's first names are and just accept that everyone is called by their last name

*You and your daughter's favorite time of day is when it is time to get the mail, and the postal workers know you by name

*Your husband's attire not only costs more than yours but also has more accessories

*You catch yourself using military time and the phonetic alphabet to civilians and see the 'deer in the headlight' expression on their face

*You know your husbands social security number better than your own, and when people ask for yours you are surprised

*You jump at the chance to spend 26 hours (roundtrip) in a van with a preschooler to see your husband for 48 hours.

We are off to  Fort Benning for the weekend to spend a much anticipated 48 hours with our Officer Candidate.....

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