Thursday, August 30, 2012

Monster Puppets

On our trip to Fort Benning, O watched 'Monster's Inc.' and I think that's why she wanted to make puppet monsters today.  She asked to make them after we got home from the store with a plain paper sack.  I saw her eyeballing it at the store as well, and could practically see the wheels turning in her little head.

So, we made puppets.  She insisted I make Mike and she make Sully/Kitty.

It took her about 15 minutes to make the puppet and then she realized it needed horns.  She shouted, "I know."  Then, she jumped out of her chair and ran to get some Andes mints I had.   She had two in her hand, and said, "we can each eat one, then I can use the wrappers for the horns."  Clever little kid.  She knows how to get what she wants....just offer mommy candy--haha.

The finished product.

A close up of the horns.

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