Monday, August 20, 2012

Monday Montessori Makeover

The Montessori version is simplistic, and pretty, and the weight of the spindles seems to be just right for little hands.  It is also can cost around $45, which is not in my budget.

I do not claim that mine is as beautiful, or lovely, but it does serve the same purpose, and mine cost $7.
I found mini-tackle boxes/craft boxes at Walmart in clearance section for $3 each.  They have 6 compartments which gives us an extra one to store our spindles in.  I also picked up a package of neon straws for $.97 and cut them to fit into the compartments.   I already had address labels at home, that I used to write the numbers on, and stuck them on the inside of the compartments.  

 I will say I do like that mine have lids, and are much smaller than the wooden spindle sets.  This makes storage a little easier.  Since our spindles are straws O has had to practice to find the correct amount of pressure to grasp the straws without bending them (obviously, good for fine motor).  I also have the freedom of switching out the color of straws or replacing them with toothpicks or cut up dowel rods or crayons.   

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