Monday, August 13, 2012

Our Mail Binder

I have found so many great ideas online for how to set up a desk area for children to have a mail center.  Playful Learning has some great ideas, but they all take up quite a bit of space.  This mama does not have that much room in her house to devote to a writing center.  So alas, I came up with my own mini-version.

A 3-ring binder.  
We send a lot of mail to daddy.  When he was at basic, we sent mail every day.  This binder has everything we need to send a letter to him.  I have several different pocket/sleeve protectors, so we use baseball sized ones for addresses, and larger pockets for some blank cards, and I also have a pouch for her stamp and a few markers/pens.  She also has full access to other pens/markers/crayons if she so desires. 

The front of the binder has various stickers (I separate the letters from just generic stickers).  The back is where all the paper is.  I try to keep a variety of lined (college rule, and learning to write lined/dotted paper, as well as fancy paper/stationary and colored paper).

The binder is kept on a low shelf easily accessible to O, so she can use it anytime she pleases, but it can also be tucked away when it is time to work on something else.

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