Thursday, March 17, 2011

random yet interesting reads
This site sells reusable sanitary napkins and a nifty little device called a diva cup. Interesting. Even if one has no interest in making the switch to cloth reusable pads, I would still check out their info in the "tips and advice" as well as the "about" section for the company.
I love this man's story. He is a Christian from San Diego, and he felt like he had too much stuff, so he did something about it. He limited the amount of things he owned to just 100 items. Now we are talking just his items. He has a family with teen girls (I think teen girls), and they did not participate. He wrote about his experience (it has been some time since he did this).
I think it is awesome that he is finding happiness with less stuff. He had somewhat of a cheat because he had a large collection of books which is counted at "1 library" but I think that gives people with hobbies (sewing, scrapbooking, etc) the motivation to limit their other things. The point of the story is not following the rules to a T, it's about changing your perspective on why you buy, what you buy, and how much you buy. I think all of this has a huge part of being eco-friendly and green. There is so much stuff on this planet do we really need to get more of it?

on that note, another interesting site I found...
Basically a group of women pledged not to buy any new clothes for a year.


  1. Ok Amy you are fabulous! This one blog has so many things I want to check out :)

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