Friday, March 25, 2011

It's Spring! Time to Detox

We have been away from home for 6 weeks, and I can't wait to get back home! Back to our normal routines, back to healthier meals, and my bed!
To celebrate, my family and I are detoxing from are extended trip. We were inspired by Planet Green's article to detox.
Some of the things we will be doing are:

1) Detoxing our bodies. We have been eating so much junk food I am embarrassed to own up to most of it. Our daughter knows the name of several fast food joints (this really devastates me). I received a 21 day detox diet from a friend of mine, who does it with her 5 children and husband a few times a year. She loves it, so we are going to try it as well. It avoids gluten, most fats (except the omega 3's and what not), salt, sugar. It will be a rude awakening after a few days I am sure!

2) I am really big on teaching my daughter in a Montessori style, and I found some great yoga nomenclature cards over at Sew Liberated. I am going to print these out and work on them with Tootsie Roll, as well as do my own version.

3) I am going to do a thorough scan of all our bathroom products and get rid of any items that contain the following parabens, diethanolamine (DEA), or phthalates.

4) Open my windows. It's been weeks without anyone in our house. I think it will be in need of some serious airing out.

5) Cutting out the microwave use. Did you know if you microwave something on a plate that is not specifically microwave safe it can cause toxins to get into your food which hinders fertility?

6) Doing some major research on our current diet while we are on the detox. We are going to be more aware of what is in our food. I have currently been looking at the ingredient list to make sure I can pronounce the names and avoid high fructose corn syrup but I am also going to start avoiding Red dye #40, and BHT. Although I bake our own bread and doing a lot of cooking from scratch I think I am going to amp it up a bit, by doing freezer meals. I tend to want to grab quick meals rather than be in the kitchen all day, so I think this will help us .

Happy Spring Detoxing!

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  1. Yay!!! :D Go Amy! I didn't know that microwave fact, but I only microwave with glass and none of those plastic food splatter covers! My mom uses those... a paper towel works just as well and leave it in there for the next food to cover to save on paper waste. I don't trust even tupperwares that say that it's safe. "They" have said that baby toys with lead in them are safe many many times... so "they" aren't going to fool me if I can help it! :) Stay with glass, and stay safe :)


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