Friday, December 13, 2013

This Week (In Photos)

Snowflakes are everywhere.  O has become slightly obsessed with making them.

We recently were gifted an enormous supply (totes and totes) of Lego blocks.  They have resided in our living room since we got them, and have been played with every spare second of the day.  

Truth be told, I've let them stay in the living room mostly because I have no idea where their home will be.  There are a lot, and I have no idea how to store them.  So until I figure out a good method via Pinterest they may just hang out in the living room.

They are getting a lot of use.
By everyone.  Mostly the 5 year old, but daddy can't resist.  He has built a few things as well.

Hey Look, more Legos.  Seriously, they have taken over our lives.  Anything my daughter gets for Christmas is going to have to be really really amazing to get that little girl's attention.

My shop is getting a make over.  It was moved, and now needs some sprucing up.  A chair?  Hooks to hang things on the lattice work?  I haven't decided yet.  It probably won't get finished until after Christmas.  I just don't have the motivation to leave my house lately.  

I have been testing out some new burlap baskets.  I like the idea of larger baskets.  What do you think?  I might tinker some more.  I feel like it is still missing something.

This new basket is much larger than my other baskets, as you can see in the photo.  

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