Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Some Favorite Things Online

I have not been sleeping well lately.  Third trimester hit, and bam my body has started practicing for late night feedings.  I am up every evening several times to go to the bathroom, and then I am Wide Awake for an hour or so.  I will call it preparation, and not exhaustion ;)  
Being up all hours of the night (and not wanting to wake everyone else, I have been looking online for fun items.  Here are a few of my favorites.

I would probably never wear this shirt, but I find it rather amusing, since this little man packs quite a punch/kick.  He is super mellow and hardly moves 90% of the day, but when he moves, my goodness he has quite a strong kick.  

Stacking Houses
I love these wooden toy houses.  They would go great with O's train tracks and building blocks.
I think I would enjoy playing with this puzzle as much as O.

The little one will be staying in our room, and I love that Montessori mobiles look nothing like the cutesy animal mobiles one would see in most bedrooms.  I could totally hang this in our bedroom without it being weird, right?

This butterfly mobile is pretty fun too.

Did you know if you google 'labor aides' or 'natural delivery' you get about 9 million different opinions of what is important to bring to the hospital.  I am overwhelmed.  I know I am bringing food this time, but other than that I am lost.  Suggestions?  Anyone?

I love the idea of this scarf--I may need to make one.

Tied Carseat Cover--I would love to make this, if I can ever find the time.  Oh, and after we confirm we will actually need this.  I may not use this style of carseat, since we only used our other carseat carrier for O for 9 short months.  That girl was(is) a bean pole and outgrew it far quicker than we anticipated.

I think this photo is pretty stinking adorable.  I prefer more natural looking photography to the staged, 'I placed by baby in a bucket, and put a hat on him' look.  Although, those can be cute too.

Oh. My. Goodness.  Little boy outfits are quite adorable.

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