Friday, September 20, 2013

This Week (In Photos)

We have started every morning this week with a walk around the neighborhood in jammies (Ok, O is in Jammies I am not).

We have completely pigged out on too much fair food.  Mmm Elephant Ears!

And Cotton Candy!

And because we have had so much junk, the hubs and I are thinking about doing the Whole30 challenge.  Have you ever tried this?  I have been researching recipes.

I am not quite sure I can blame the fair on the mess all over our house, but whoa.  I feel like a maid chasing a tornado.  I clean one room, to find two more have been ransacked.  Also, lately I seem to be the only person in the house who is aware that empty toilet paper tubes and toothpaste containers go in the recycling.

We did quite a bit of school work this week, and I didn't do such a great job taking photos.  This is about it.  I promise we worked on actual subjects too.

I have been searching for this paint for about three weeks.  It was in the abyss also know as my garage that I avoid like the plague.  I finally can finish that dining room table! 

I have been throwing around the idea of adding some silly bows and flowers to my fingerless gloves.  I had to way overexpose the above photo and you still can't really see it well.  Hmm...I'm still not sure.

I also dragged out my quilt I started in 2008 and finally got around to finishing in 2012.  The hubs doesn't love it.  I spent so much time quilting it, I kinda have bad feelings towards it as well.  Maybe this winter when I get tired of so much teal in our house?

Side Note:  I am very happy we decided to go with neutral walls and furniture in here mainly so I can switch up the bedding when I please.  That makes me happy.  :)

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