Monday, September 23, 2013

The Weekend

 This weekend we spent a lot of time standing in line.  O is always amusing and was standing in some of the most dramatic ways possible.  Hands on hips, sometimes she even tapped her foot while waiting.

Although her face is hidden in the photo, she loved this ride.  The scrambler, the sizzler, the octopus--whatever you call it, this was the favorite ride of the year. 

She loved the rides at the fair.  That is for sure!

 I loved the taco potatoes.  I did try a lot of other food at the fair, but this is my favorite :)  

My parents and brother showed up while we were going on rides, and my mom gathered us for a group photo.  Not too bad, since there were a lot of people in there, and my arms are only so long.

After all the hoopla of the fair last week, we decided to do Whole30.  You can read more about here.  I cleared out all the sugar, flour, and other treats that have sneaked into our diet all too often.  Everything we can't eat is in a tote tucked away.  Out of sight, out of mind, right?

We started on Sunday (yesterday).  Day 1 was a success.  F was worried he would be hungry, but at the end of the day decided he had plenty to eat.  I will probably do a recap of our meals sometime in the future.  I was a little concerned about the side effects.  Although the fair food was yummy, I felt the effects of eating junk for food and last week was sick/yucky feeling most of the week.  I am hoping eating healthier will kick the last of the morning sickness I am still experiencing.  

And just for fun, this is O on the first morning of our healthy eating.  While F and I are following the plan pretty strictly, I am being rather lenient with O.  She can still have oatmeal for breakfast with honey, and chocolate almond milk for a treat.  I feel like both of these are yummy, and still pretty nutritious.  She eats what we eat for lunch and dinner, so I think she will see have some benefits.

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