Friday, September 7, 2012

Planets and Crayons

We have a little girl loves learning about the planets.  So I pulled out my felt planets I made when she was like 1 (over zealous aren't I?) and I talked about the names of them.  We looked up in the sky to see if we could see the stars.  O told me I was mistaken when I pointed to a star and said it was Venus.  Of course, it couldn't be Venus, what was I thinking?  We played They Might Be Giants planet song
 I lined up the planets, we chose coordinating colors of crayons.
 I heated up a cookie sheet.  Laid out a towel.  I quickly drew a few circles in pencils, and then we were ready to color the paper (which was heated by the cookie sheet under it).  It melted the crayons quickly and O said it was like she was painting.  We've done this activity before (minus the planet theme).  O seemed to enjoy filling in  the circles to make them look like the felt planets.  

A closeup of the planets.  Look at how textured it is.

I colored the black in, but O did everything else on her own.

O is very proud of her work.  Even though it has been a week since we made this she is not ready to throw it away yet, and keeps calling it her 'masterpiece.'

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