Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Geometry, Geography, and Some Doodles

Here are a few highlights of our school week.

Kindergartens are not really expected to know much about science.  It's more about the ABC's and 123's.  But I really like science, and it's hard for me to brush it off and not do any with her.  I have done a lot on scientific observation with O, and this kind goes along those same lines--sorta.  I found a worksheet online of unfinished pictures.  O just needed to complete the picture.  Ok, so it's not really science work, but I was using it as an observation tool :-)

We also did a little geometry.  O is learning the names of all the 3D pieces.
She just had to name the object and put it with the 3-part cards that had the same shape.  
Easy Peasy.

Geography this week included O making a whole lot of maps.  She mapped her room, the house, and our street.  Here you can see her putting a door knob on the house, because as she says, "how is anyone going to use the house if there isn't a door knob to let them in?"

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