Thursday, July 19, 2012

It's been a while

Whew, it's actually been a long while.  I can't believe it's been over a month since I posted anything.  I had grand intentions of posts on what we were packing, and how crazy over-the-top organized I was at the beginning of our trip, but time got away from me.  So, instead here is a recap from last week when we got to see F.  Today's post is just the beginning of our trip before we saw F.

Arriving at our hotel in Myrtle Beach...

We had no less than half a dozen people, say "aww!  Look at her."  It's a wonder why when the child dresses the way she does.  I must admit it was pretty adorable when she was mimicking me pulling luggage with her backpack.  

She fell asleep before we arrived at the restaurant, and slept through dinner.  She was utterly exhausted the entire trip.  At one point my mom asked if we were wearing her out, and she said, "You wear me out a lot!"  Every morning she insisted she needed extra sleep because she was so tired.  

There is also a photo of O and myself with the helicopter we flew in.  It took us around Myrtle beach and over the ocean.  O did great and was not scared at all.  She especially loved the headset that she could talk in, and kept saying how her Gigi was the best Gigi in the whole world (that would be because her Gigi, is the one who convinced me to go on the ride).  

This was the preferred method of transportation for O each time we switched hotels.  She would squeeze in any spot she could find.  Safe, right?  ;-)

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