Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Back Home

Back home...
Back to our normal routines...
We left early Sunday morning and returned exactly one week and 12 hours later.
I have been making O get up earlier in the morning to help her get back into her routine for when we start Kindergarten on July 30.  I definitely do not want to have to drag her out of bed on her first day, so we are doing some light school work now (even though technically we took the month of July off from school).  I want her used to the routine before we start getting into new material.

Routines are important for all young children.  It gives them stability and helps them know what to expect in the day.  It is even more important for O because her daddy is gone, and everything seems so uncertain to her.  She is also a very strong willed child who has way more energy that most children.  She runs laps around her friends.  Literally.  I have to find ways to channel that energy into productive outlets, so she helps me with lots of chores during the day, she has a gymnastics class once a week, and her daily school routines help her control herself a little more.

Our 'school' some days has included making sandwiches.  And yes, I do put the peanut butter and jelly in tiny pinch bowls (thank you Pampered Chef!) for two reasons.  1)  Portion control

2)  Because sometimes I catch O tasting the jelly or whatever she is scooping out of the jar and it grosses me out that she puts the spoon back in the jar.  I realize most mom's probably wouldn't care, but it grosses me out.

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