Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Little Mister

So far, our Little Mister has been nothing but easy.  He is laid back, and rather than actually crying he just grunts when he wants something (most of the time).  He has pretty much been attached to me his entire 6 week life.  He is in my little homemade Moby wrap at least a few hours a day.  I have had zero complaints.  He sleeps well at night, and only wakes to eat and get a diaper change.  This little guy has adhered to his own little schedule, and is very predictable.  Happy, laid back, and I-can-tell-you-what-time-it-is-because-he-is-hungry type of baby.


We ventured out to church when the little guy was 5 weeks old.  He did great during church, and pretty much slept the whole time in daddy's arms.  After church, we stopped at the grocery store, and all was well.  In the checkout lane, F told me the little guy would probably need a diaper change before we headed home, so on the way out to the van we agreed I would change the little guy's diaper in the front of the van, and F would unload the groceries and help with O.

I unzipped Little Mister from his fuzzy teddy bear coat, and quickly realized what a mess there was.   Yep, diaper mess.
(Side note:  O never had a 'blowout diaper'  Her diaper may have leaked once or twice, so I had no idea how bad one could be).
I am not quite sure how the mess ended up all the way into his hair, but it did.  The laws of physics apparently were not at play here, because his head was up the whole time but gravity didn't do its thing.  And seriously, the diaper held nothing.  Nothing.  I have no idea how that's possible, but I guess it is.

I just chuckled to myself as I did my best to clean up the very messy child in my arms.  I used every single one of the large package of wet wipes I had with me.  I was about halfway finished, when the little guy peed.  I was laughing so hard at this point I had tears in my eyes.

Of course, hubs saw this as a perfect photo op and snapped photos from outside the van.  He didn't want to open the door and let in all the cold air, so he got to watch and laugh from a distance.  Although I was the one cleaning up the mess, poor F had to sit in the seat I was using as a changing table, so you can decide who had it worse :)  

The rest of the day was filled with a whole lot of diapers and a whole lot of mess.  The poor kiddo had some serious tummy issues the rest of the day, but by night he was back to normal.  I still have no idea what evoked such tummy trouble, but we are again back to normal.


  1. The last picture of Owen and Olivia just melts my heart. Glad to know the little guy is feeling better, too!

    1. Thanks Rachel :) The picture of them snuggling is one of my favorites.

  2. Amy, I love this post! Glad everyone made it out with happy hearts :)


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