Monday, June 4, 2012

Eye Spy With My Little Eye

After reading about another blogger who created her own Eye Spy Book, I decided to liven up our boring day by making our own.  We started by hauling out every small toy we own (mostly school related stuff, but school can be fun, right?).  Although most of O's toys were packed up when we moved, we still have a lot of toys.  We had a lot of fun creating our scene for our photos.  Then after we created one scene O played with the 'town' for a while, and I made a few more scenes to photography.

In theory (as in, if I don't forget about it before we leave) I am going to print off the photos, and create a mini eye spy book for O to look at while travel the 13+ hours to see daddy graduate book camp.

Here's a few photos....

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