Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Fair Trade

I have really been delving into finding out where our products come from. I think it is important that our clothes be organic (seriously check out all the chemicals in what you wear).

I also really think that who is making the clothing is getting paid fairly. I find it hard to believe that children are still subjected to working (in horrible conditions) to help support their families.
We put our stamp of approval on child labor and using mass quantities of cancer causing pesticides when we purchase items. This year I am making it my goal to not purchase items without knowing how the item came to be. Yes, it takes more time, but I feel it is worth 5 minutes of my time.

Do you know if your clothing was made using children or poorly paid workers? It is tricky to determine, especially when there are so many processes.

Both of these sites also have apps you can download to help you determine a products origins. NotForSaleCampaign grades companies on Fair Wages.

I really think it is time for Americans to start using their buying power for good. Claiming ignorance is morally wrong.

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