Friday, April 1, 2011


In my effort to remove (almost) all things unhealthy from my family's diet, I have been doing some serious research for what to eat and not eat. Of course, high fructose corn syrup has come up. I have already been reading labels and avoiding it in almost all of my food choices because of sites like below.

But, seriously, come on.......
I am running out of energy and getting a bit tired from making all my food from scratch to avoid such items. So, if anyone has any food choices that they love that does not contain high fructose corn syrup (or BHT, or Red Dye #40, or other bad things) please please please leave me a comment.

I know am so blessed that I can stay home and I have the opportunity to make our food from scratch, but I would love to find some easier quick snacks that I can throw in my purse for my daughter and myself when we are out and about.

(and if by chance you do have some corn syrup in your pantry, don't just toss it out, use it to entertain the kiddos)


  1. Hey! :) Although Kashi isn't organic and some is.. they use simple ingredients with good preservatives like Vitamin C for the most part. I haven't bought every single product of theirs so I'd still read the ingredients, but they have a lot of things ranging from tv dinners to cereals, to granola bars, crackers, etc. All of which can be for easy cooking and snacking :) And it's fun to make an occasional thing from scratch wether it's a treat or dinner, there's a primitive love that your daughter will feel one day if not already <3 Well that's what keeps me going with Lily's food :)

    For breakfast and lunch, Lily and I graze all day, keeping in mind of the five food groups. So I don't make any official meals until dinner and Scott and I trade off with that. So for example: Friendship cottage cheese is a good staple (not organic, but simple ingredients and good natural preservative) also in the Frozen bread section of your grocery store, GENESIS 1:29 Food For Life bread is AMAZING! :) It's organic and completely made from sprouts (no flour that turns to sugar) and we both eat a slice with every meal. Steam up a bag of frozen vegies, organic is pretty cheap, and store that in the fridge for the day and bring out a handful for each meal (switch the vegie up every day). Even if they aren't frozen, you can buy fresh and freeze them. Vary the fruit, (always have washed fruit out in a bowl on the counter for easy access) and cut it up for at least breakfast, lunch and snacks through the day. Lily LOVES apples, strawberries and blueberries. These are her staple fruits, and when others are in season those are her treats. And then protein is usually peanutbutter and everyonce in a while lentils mixed with something else that she likes for flavor. I'd like to make more lentils more often. I put peanutbutter on everything for Lily and I sneak a spoonful here and there (so I keep my curves ;) lol and we stay nice and healthy! Dinners are the meals from scratch. Those I'm not as good at as Scott is :)

    This is how I don't go out of my mind and also stay away from the bad stuff. You will feel like you're being a little crazy reading labels at first for about 5 trips to the store. But once you know what brands are consistently simple or organic, your shopping trips go much faster and you already know that the ingredients are good when you see the front of the box.

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